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Dental Drill Bearing

KJ dental drill bearing variety, complete specification, bearing parts and diverse materials to meet different speed , rotational speed from 150 thousand to 500 thousand turn, to meet different production, at different levels, different prices, different needs.

We use special retainers for dental bearing to make them perform better.

Torlon Retainers

Torlon PAI (Bearing Grade) offers a very low expansion rate, low coefficient of friction and exhibits little or no slip-stick in use. This grade excels in severe service wear applications such as non-lubricated bearings, seals, bearing cages and in high temperature environments.

Phenolic Retainers

They are used for retainer cages for steel ball bearings especially when exposed to high-humidity environments. The phenolic does well in where lubricant is scarce as it has a wicking effect to retain and attract lubricants when present.

Polyimide Retainers

Ease of machining and less prone to developing swears during small diameter drilling operations make it a good choice for retainers used in ball bearings. They are many proprietary grades and variations of polyimide available today.

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